Hands in your pocket, this is a union robbery!

The last two months of each year are conducive to an increase in union crime, a factor not included in the crime indicators and which I propose to be done. Unions take advantage of the numbness of the pre-Christmas celebrations and discretionally prescribe different bonuses. This year the OJ has been one of the first —at least known—, and of a request of Q6,000 per person, the CSJ has granted half. How good are the perpetual magistrates of that court!

The justification for such waste is that the employees of said agency “have suffered a lot from the pandemic.” It is obvious, in this manipulative argument, that the most affected are those who have a company and must pay the corresponding payroll, in addition to the relevant taxes. In these hard times, many businesses have closed, too many people have lost their jobs and some companies have not been able to face the payroll, when they have not had to apply for loans or agree to payment agreements. However, there has not been a single suspension or reduction in the salary of civil servants. Therefore, they should be the ones who we pay the taxpayers who give a bonus to those who have really endured the crisis of covid-19, although the thing is the other way around in this state microcosm.

The predatory rogues of education have not been less skillful and protested led by their perpetual Ali Babá – this Joviel – to redefine the collective pact and that, once again, a huge amount of public money – from the recently approved budget – goes to the pockets of his hosts. It is curious that during the last two years, lost in state education, they have not emitted an audible sound about how the system has failed hundreds of thousands of students, and that all that time passed without being able to adopt a moderately sensible measure that prevents that part of the youth is absolutely inoperative in a few years.

In short: neither health, nor justice nor education have been improved; rather, some of them – or all – are the same or worse than before, and in all these areas there is pillage for the official to have his turkey on the table, although paid by poor workers who have stopped charging for months or are They have been content with what the trap of the epidemic had in store for them. In any case, and sadly, this is a recurring argument every year. Just like those who know that it is time to make public pinata, the rest – those of us who pay taxes – also know that it is time to complain, although they do not pay much attention to us and we do not put too much of our part to make things change . A kind of those two minutes of Orwellian hatred in 1984, which were useless but which gave off a lot.

With this way of distributing – which is nothing if not blackmail between politicians and unions – there is no money that reaches. The amount that increases in the budget is quickly monopolized by union predatory elites, and with unjustified complaints or political pressure they end up making dark and secret negotiations that have a high social cost that we pay the rest.

Behind these vultures others will come and, even if it is justified that they do it with their own funds that they did not spend – then whether they return them or not budget for them – it will affect the quality of the service that they should provide to the citizens. At heart, we are a conformist society that we complain but we do not advance a millimeter, and those crooks know it, and they take advantage of it.


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