Government details plan to tackle labor shortage

The Legault government on Tuesday detailed its plan to combat the labor shortage.

A budget of 2.9 billion was announced last week by the Minister of Finance, Eric Girard.

The plan includes 85 measures that primarily target six areas of activity, a statement said.

In essential public services – the health and social services sectors, including mental health and youth protection, education and childcare services – special efforts will be made with the aim of ” integrate 60,000 additional qualified people and thus provide services to the population.

Information technologies, engineering and construction are also targeted because they face significant workforce challenges, but also because they participate in increasing the productivity of companies from different activity area. A total of 110,000 skilled workers will be added in these sectors.

“With the measures presented today, we want to quickly provide more manpower to key sectors for Quebec,” Premier François Legault said in a press release. This will make it possible to offer quality public services. This will make it possible to build the infrastructures of the future in all our regions. And that will accelerate the growth of our companies in strategic sectors. “

More details will follow.

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