“Do not have children if you really do not want them”: They discover the macabre tweets of the woman accused of murdering a five-year-old boy

On November 26, a five-year-old boy died after being brutally beaten in the city of Santa Rosa, province of La Palma, Argentina.

The minor died at Hospital Evita after several attempts to resuscitate him with CPR. Magdalena Espósito, the child’s mother, and her partner, Abigail Páez, assured that they were victims of an attempted robbery and that the child’s injuries occurred due to this situation.

However, the preliminary autopsy report confirmed that Lucio Dupuy, just five years old, died due to internal bleeding caused by multiple assaults and contusions.

Doctors also found old visible injuries and several bruises on his body, clear indications of the abuse suffered by the minor by his mother and his girlfriend.

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During the investigations carried out by the Argentine authorities, some macabre tweets came to light that Abigail Páez, girlfriend of Lucio’s biological mother, published on her account a month before the brutal murder.

“Do not have children if you really do not want it or do not plan it as a great goal or as the most important thing in your life! Don’t bring kids into the world to suffer, ”wrote Páez.

The Twitter profile of the 27-year-old woman, who has been a couple for more than three years with Magdalena Espósito, mother of the deceased child, is also full of publications relating the constant problems between her partner and the father of the minor, Christian Dupuy .

Abigail Páez published several messages on social networks with references to her partner’s son. (Free Press Photo: @ AbigailPaez26 / Twitter)

The boy’s biological father suspected he was being assaulted by both women, according to a heartbreaking letter written by him after Lucio’s tragic murder.

The last publications of Abigail Páez are dedicated to Christian Dupuy, with whom she did not have a good relationship.

“Che, I want to take the opportunity to send a greeting to the person who is passing my tweets to Lucio’s father, haha. Thank you because they manage to get me further and further away from the baby and with how bad it is doing us a favor ”, published the accused of murder.

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“To steal the photos of the baby and show that he is the best father, he has time, now when the baby asks him for something, all the problems magically appear together hahaha, a joke this guy,” he added, referring to Lucio’s father.

The relationship between Páez and his girlfriend’s ex-partner was not good. (Free Press Photo: @ AbigailPaez26 / Twitter)

According to Christian Dupuy, Lucio’s mother left her son in charge of the Dupuy family between 2019 and 2020, after their relationship ended.

He also confessed that Magdalena Espósito, the child’s mother, had no relationship with him until months after the start of the pandemic, at which point she claimed his possession and imposed conditions on who could see the child and in what way.

In a heartbreaking letter posted on his Facebook account, Lucio’s father wrote about his feelings at the tragic death of his five-year-old son.

“My son, you leave me with a broken soul looking for ‘the why’ of so many things and I now realize what you were suffering and I without knowing it and now it is too late, they had you prisoner of your childhood and innocence. Where do I find the forces that you send me son? I love you. Forgive me for not being able to do anything, ”he wrote.

For his part, in statements given to an Argentine media, Ramón Dupuy, Lucio’s paternal grandfather, confessed his feelings after the minor’s death.

“To that judge, let him look me in the face, that I told them ‘that creature ends up badly because they are going to do something to him.’ Today the consequences are seen. A year or so ago I told you. It ends badly or they kill me. And yesterday they killed him. The mother herself and the couple killed him, ”said the boy’s grandfather.

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After the confirmation of Lucio’s death, the Argentine judicial authorities raided the house that the couple shared with the child and ordered the arrest of both.

So far, Abigail Páez and Magdalena Espósito have been detained for the murder of Lucio Dupuy and will be tried for the crimes of simple and aggravated homicide.


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