Childcare center: last chance negotiations to avoid indefinite strike

The threat of an indefinite strike in several childcare centers (CPE) is approaching, while the main labor organizations are still trying to come to an agreement with Quebec.

The Federation of Health and Social Services, affiliated with the CSN, is due to begin its indefinite strike on Wednesday morning. On Tuesday, she was still sitting at the negotiating table with government officials.

As for the Federation of Early Childhood Workers, affiliated to the CSQ, it has still not announced the date of the launch of a possible indefinite strike. The FIPEQ, however, ruled out the idea of ​​a strike this week.

The FIPEQ negotiated with Quebec on Sunday and Monday until the evening. And she’s due to come back to the table on Thursday.

The main pitfall now is the salary offered to “other” workers than educators in early childhood centers. These are employees in the kitchen, administration and maintenance.

Quebec offered larger increases to educators, whom it considers itself to be underpaid and because there is a shortage of educators. But the increases it offers to “other” childcare workers are not of the same order.

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