Baby is rescued while he was next to the body of a woman who would have died in a confusing event in Mixco

A call alerted the Municipal Firefighters (BM) that in El Pedregal Boulevard, zone 4 of Mixco, there was a person who had been run over.

Upon reaching the scene, firefighters found a woman lying on the side of the road, but the victim no longer had signs of life. The aid agencies also reported that the person had head trauma.

However, next to the body was found a baby of approximately six months who was crying desperately. The firefighters evaluated the boy and reported that he had no visible bruises.

The mortal victim wore a blue sweater, underwear, black and fuchsia tennis shoes. Firefighters estimated him to be 25 years old.

A cell phone was also located at the young woman’s feet.

The National Civil Police secured the area pending the Public Ministry to begin the investigation and determine if the woman was the mother of the child.

The approximately six-month-old baby was taken to the Roosevelt Hospital pediatrics and was left in charge of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation.

The body of a woman who did not carry identification documents was found on El Pedregal Boulevard, Mixco. (Free Press Photo: Sergio Peláez / Facebook)
A municipal firefighter takes the baby located next to the woman’s body to Roosevelt Hospital. (Free Press Photo: CBM)
National Civil Police closed the passage over the lane where the body was found on El Pedregal Boulevard. (Free Press Photo: Sergio CBM)

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