A heavenly place for a different rest

Cerveza Corona has stood out internationally for its recycling and sustainability campaigns, so its new Corona Island project could not be the exception, so it seeks its certification as a Blue Verified paradise, granted by the rigorous Blue Standard program of the NGO Oceanic Global.

“Corona Island is unlike anything we’ve done before. As a brand that is deeply connected with nature, we wanted to respect and celebrate the natural environment that supplies our 100 percent natural ingredients, ”said María José Marroquín, Corona brand manager at Cervecería Ambev Guatemala.

Corona Island is located 45 minutes from Cartagena, Colombia and among its measures to achieve eco-sustainability is the elimination of single-use plastic and the implementation of responsible waste management infrastructures, among others.

In this place, guests will live a unique experience, where they can disconnect from daily stress and reconnect with nature, while learning about conscious consumption and sustainable living.

Guatemalans will be able to enjoy Corona Island through the Corona Beer promotion. Free Press Photo: Norvin Mendoza

In addition, they will participate in workshops on plastic-free life, guided meditations with natural sounds of the island and a visit to the farm that supplies locally sourced ingredients, among other attractions.

“At a time when we feel more disconnected than ever, we are inviting people to come together and combine education with responsible tourism. Our purpose is that when guests return home, they will be better global citizens in their communities; this is a way to live an unbeatable experience with Corona Island ”, concluded Marroquín.

The number of guests is limited, to ensure that the island operates with a minimum of environmental privacy, aligned with a strict sustainability system for its ecosystem.

Corona will carry out an activity to take 20 Guatemalans to Corona Island and to participate, people only have to buy a pack of 12 of 355 mL bottles, one of 12 355 mL cans, or consume in restaurants and other similar points of sale.

For your purchase, you will be credited with a unique code that is valid from November 22 of this year to January 31, 2022. The code must be entered on the website www.coronaguate.com, and once registered, they will participate in order to travel to Corona Island.

Cerveza Corona will also deliver three stays at its Corona rest houses, located in Antigua Guatemala, Escuintla and Atitlán, apart from cases of Corona beer in a 710 mL bottle; Corona pachones and mini coolers.

On the website www.coronaguate.com, You can review the restrictions that apply to this promotion.
Participants must be of legal age and have a valid passport at the time of awarding the prizes, Ambev reported.


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