There are vaccines, but the system does not work: Vaccination against covid-19 is still slow in Guatemala

Long lines of people waiting to receive the covid-19 vaccine were seen this Saturday, November 27, at the post located in the Plaza de la Constitución, in zone 1. This time it was not due to a lack of doses, rather, the constant failures in the registration system caused the wait to be prolonged.

“Let’s go”, said one of the data entry operators, who after several attempts could not enter the program to enter the information of those who had already received any of the doses. The option not to delay the day any more was to control manually.

For some, the wait lasted more than three hours, although the use of a mask is a general rule among people who line up to receive the vaccine, physical distancing was not respected equally.

Magdalena de Enriques, in charge of the vaccination post in Central Park, indicated that they have enough doses to vaccinate 2,000 people: Moderna, Sputnik V for the first and second doses, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer for adolescents between 12 and 17 years old.

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“We have problems with the system. The authorities have given us options to continue working, but at a different pace, because now we have to prepare an Excel sheet so as not to stop attending, ”Enriques indicated, this slows down the process.

Ana Lucía Escobar Romero came to this vaccination post for the second time so that her daughter would receive the first dose. Last Saturday he had no luck, because there was no dose. Now that the biological is available, he decided to travel from Planes de Bárcenas, in Villa Nueva, to the Parque de la Constitución.

Physical distancing was not respected in line to receive the covid-19 vaccine. (Free Press Photo: Carlos Hernández)

Getting her daughter to start the covid-19 vaccination scheme was the priority, despite the fact that the failures in the system lengthened the wait for more than three hours.

The influx was different at the Gerona Sports Center vaccination post, always in zone 1 in the capital. The problems registering people were solved during the morning, however, the place was empty.

They had available doses of Pfizer, the first dose for adolescents and the second dose for adults. AstraZeneca and Moderna were in stock for first and second doses, and Sptunik V had second component.

The vaccination post at the Gerona Sports Center did not have an influx of people. (Free Press Photo: Carlos Hernández)

Those in charge of the vaccination post indicated that they have difficulty gathering the necessary people to open a vial, so they called for the population to get vaccinated. This Sunday they will attend from 8 to 14 hours.

While vaccination in the country is not progressing, in the epidemiological traffic light published this Saturday, 29 municipalities appear on red alert, 89 in orange and 222 in yellow.

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