Giammattei calls for vaccinations to celebrate the end of the year festivities and warns of possible effects of the omicron strain

President Alejandro Giammattei continues with his tours of the departments and this Saturday, November 27, he visited Jalapa, where he participated in a vaccination session and referred to the omicron variant.

The president recalled that on Friday the first health alert was issued in which the entry of people coming from seven different countries is prohibited.

He added that as they are African countries, we do not have much relationship, but anyone who has gone through any of these has to go into quarantine for 14 days when coming to Guatemala.

He indicated that a plane with 500 passengers that was going from South Africa to the Netherlands was stopped at the airport because it was carrying 110 people positive for covid-19.

He said that countries that do not yet have this new strain are taking preventive measures.

He affirmed that according to what they are informed, this new variant is 500 times more contagious and in mortality it is estimated that it will be twice that of the delta strain, which caused the peak of infections in Guatemala in recent months.

He stressed that the only way to control it is by getting vaccinated and before this strain enters the country, 10 million or 12 million doses must be applied.

“A call to all those who want to celebrate Christmas, the New Year, Guadalupe Reyes, get vaccinated, they will not be able to suck with a mask but put on the double dose and then they will be able to do it with more tranquility,” he said.

He announced that if everything remains the same by December 15, they will announce some measures for the pandemic, but they need people to be vaccinated.

Low hospital occupancy

He informed that Guatemala is below 8% in bedridden of moderate and severe patients and according to him, it is the lowest we have had in many months. The number of deaths has also dropped.

He warned that the delta and omicron variants attack young people more and the risk is greater in adults with complications.

He pointed out that there are people who stayed with the first dose and that is not enough, because the scheme must be completed.

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He announced that they will start with the booster dose for the first line and for January or February 2022 for the teachers.

Back to class

Again he indicated that the students will return to face-to-face classes on February 15 and that they hope that those between 12 and 17 years old have been vaccinated, if they do not go through the schools to apply the doses.

He called on parents to vaccinate minors because if this new strain reaches Guatemala, those most at risk would be young people.

On another issue, he indicated that there is no supply problem in hospitals, and according to the president, there are supplies to face a fourth wave of infections arriving.

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