Ancelotti on Haaland and Mbappé, “I don’t want to give names, but Madrid will play in the new stadium and hopefully the coach will be Carlo”

During his speech, the Italian spoke of various topics, highlighting the last hour on David Alaba and Eden Hazard.

The center-back suffered a blow to his left knee in the last Champions League duel against the Sheriff of Tiraspol and due to precariousness, he is looming as a casualty for this Sunday.

“Alaba trained but still has a bit of discomfort. We will evaluate him tomorrow, if there is a small risk he will not play. It is not a serious problem because the ligament is not affected but we will see it tomorrow. The risk will be zero, “he commented.

For his part, Hazard has been recovering from gastroenteritis and will not be available although he has already returned to train alongside his teammates.

“Hazard has trained but the gastroenteritirs has affected him and he will not be available. It was strong, viral, it affected him. Today he worked at a low pace because he is still affected ”, he lamented.

In addition, Ancelotti referred to the words he dedicated to the medium of his country, Corriere dello Sport in an interview this Saturday in which he spoke about the upcoming changes of the club he coaches.

“At Real, everything is the same and unchanging, the only thing that changes are the coaches. The same physiotherapists, the same warehousemen, the same journalists, the same vision, the same urgency for greatness despite the economic damage that the pandemic produced. In one year, at the end of December 2022, the new Bernabéu will be ready and Florentino has big plans for July ”, he said.

Focusing on the last part about the intentions of the top leader of the merengue entity, the attending journalists asked him to explain what he meant by that phrase.

“I have talked about the future of this club, which has always been very clear. Not just right now. The new stadium, the squad we have now with many young people… The future is going to be the best. I’ve only talked about this. Not of names or of reinforcing the template. We already have a very good squad ”, he clarified.

“I imagine the new stadium with Ancelotti. Whatever it is, the important thing is to be there. I do not want to give names, but Madrid will play in the new stadium and hopefully the coach is Carlo, “he said with a laugh, answering specifically about the Borussia Dortmund and PSG striker, whom he said he liked for being” very good. “

He also dedicated words to the emerging Madrid star, Vinicius JR, confirming that “he is not tired” after his performance against the Moldovan team.

“The game against the Sheriff was not at his usual level. I do not think he is tired but that the game itself, it may be, did not need something special from him. Vinicius has to play on the left. He is going to continue playing on the left, whoever his teammates are, ”he said.

The strategist also took the opportunity to speak about the representative of Gareth Bale, Jonhatan Barnett and the statements in which he said that the white fans have been “disgusting” with Bale.

Barnett said: “It’s irrelevant, I don’t care what the Real Madrid fans think. They’ve been disgusting to Gareth Bale. They have behaved badly ”.

“I have read it. They are the words of a person I do not know personally. It’s not Bale’s thinking. He respects the Madrid fans and the fans have always respected him. He may have been whistled at times, but he is not the only player who has been whistled by the fans. I don’t have much more to say, ”said the 62-year-old manager.

Of the players who remain in the infirmary, the Italian coach reported that the Welshman Gareth Bale “has started to work individually” and that Dani Ceballos “is improving” and marked his return to group dynamics “in the next ten days” .

This Sunday at 2:00 p.m., Real Madrid receives Julen Lopetegui’s Sevilla at the Bernabéu, who is third in the standings, two points behind the leaders, Carlo Ancelotti’s men.

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