Saturday, December 4

Woman checks her husband’s cell phone and discovers a ghoulish plan to kill her

Authorities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States, arrested a man identified as Jerry McDonald, 49, after his wife discovered text messages on his cell phone that evidenced an alleged plan to assassinate her.

It was reported that the woman was trying to contact her work to notify that she would not be on the afternoon shift and took her husband’s phone, but noticed that McDonald had a conversation with a stranger, opened the chat and found what probably they were to be his death sentence.

According to “New York Post”, in the chat you can read about McDonald’s intention to convince his alleged lover to murder his wife and then move in together.

In the conversation, Vanessa Nelson, 39, can be identified, talking with McDonald about the possibility of eliminating her to obtain an economic benefit in return, since she had life insurance that guaranteed compensation to her husband.

The messages

“Do I have to kill her?” Asks Vanessa Nelson. “Yes, you have to kill her, please, I beg you (…) This woman is worth a million, I’m saying that we killed her and she charged a million (dollars) so that we can live like the kings and queens that we are,” McDonald responds, Using foul language about your partner.

“There are over a million in your father’s safe. I’m saying they won’t catch me, ”McDonald says. “We are not criminals, we do not care about money, at least I do not,” replies Nelson.

“Neither do I, but this may be a good path if we decide to do so. I’m not kidding, all I want is you, ‘baby’. It’s all that matters to me, ”McDonald concludes.

McDonald will have to pay a bond of US $ 75 thousand and appear before a county judge on November 30.

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