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John Méndez: This is what is known about the recovery, after suffering a fracture a month ago

On October 23, the scarlet player received a sweep from Delfino Álvarez and remained on the ground, after being treated by Municipal doctors, he was replaced and transferred to an assistance center in the capital city where he underwent surgery.

The national player has been completing the recovery phase and according to the doctor of the red team Martín Padilla the process has been good, thanks to the fact that the player has complied with the planning in therapy.

However, the doctor did not say when he could be back on the courts, but assured that the 12-week planning that was said at the beginning is maintained. “We want to be optimistic, especially for John has had a good response, but we will go week by week with the evolution,” he said.

“The player started a new stage in the recovery process. We start with movements to regain amplitude and to start walking. The goal is for him to return as soon as possible, we are satisfied because the healing process has been good and he does not present pain ”, added the team doctor.

He assured that Méndez has been combining training at home and at the El Trébol stadium, where Municipal works, however, they have tried to be careful not to overdo the exercises so that we suffer an overload.

The player’s injury has been one of the most chilling in national football, especially due to the way in which the right foot was exposed, to which was added criticism of the organization of the match, in this case Deportivo Iztapa, since There was no ambulance at the El Morón stadium and John was taken out in the basin of a pickup truck.

The terrible episode remained in the heavy and the player, as well as the medical staff, have focused on rehabilitation to have the 22-year-old midfielder back on the courts as soon as possible.

Municipal is getting ready to close the qualifying phase and on Sunday he will face Cobán Imperial on the penultimate date of Apertura 2021. Currently, the reds are in fourth place with 33 points and will seek to finish in third position.

John Méndez suffered a fibula fracture in the game against Iztapa more than 30 days ago. (Photo courtesy Municipal).

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