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Increase in the price of the ticket: users complain about excessive charges and lack of social distancing on buses

The pandemic changed the lifestyle of millions of people in the world and Guatemala was no exception. Here there were drastic changes in survival costs and one of the expenses that increased disproportionately was that of public transport.

Given the impact of covid-19, there was an agreement between carriers and the Government by means of which it was established that the units could transit, but with social distancing and the cost of the passage could have an increase of up to Q5.

So far so good, but in practice the conditions change and the price of the ticket increases indiscriminately, such is the case of the Transurbano service, so users complain and assure that the situation is untenable due to the high cost of life; In addition, they assure that the buses are a time bomb, since they do not respect social distancing.

Neighbors who use the public transport service assure that the rule of social distancing and the reason for the increase in passage is not respected in the units, mainly extra-urban transport.

Yesenia Quintanilla, a Transurbano user, said: “There has been a lot of increase and lately they have charged from Q6 to Q7 in the mornings and at night from Q8 to Q10 and as it is payment by card, order cannot be maintained and if the pilot is claimed gets angry”.

He added that he uses that service twice a day, which affects the budget he had designated for that service; In addition, he said that he understands that the increase is due to the fact that the units should not be overloaded, but that this does not happen and they put passengers who are crowded at risk.

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Lidia Portillo, another user, said that previously they paid Q5 and traveled with social distancing, but currently that is no longer implemented and passengers are put at risk.

He added that carriers take advantage of the needs of users and charge what they want, so he calls on the competent authorities to regulate this situation.

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According to the Municipal Transport Company of the capital city, urban transport is subject to a rate agreed with various sectors of society, which includes issues related to biosafety protocols and compliance with these.

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