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Covid-19: Will Auckland go down to Step 2, Level 3?

Where to go from here to Auckland?

The government has maintained a 90 percent vaccination rate as the key milestone in easing restrictions.

A great response from the Ōtara community to the Super Saturday vaccination event

A great response from the Ōtara community to the Super Saturday vaccination event
Photo: Coconet TV / Penina Momoiseā

And now, in Auckland, 89 percent of eligible people have received at least one dose, but it would still be a few weeks until people with more recent punctures are eligible for the second.

The number of daily cases of Covid-19 is increasing and 29 people are hospitalized. But Auckland today is very different than it was two months ago.

When the first Covid-19 case from this outbreak was found on Aug. 17, the vaccination rate was only 38 percent with at least one dose.

Now, 85 percent of people nationwide have received at least one dose and 89 percent in Auckland.

So is that enough for the Cabinet to make some concessions to the alert level restrictions today? Auckland residents were surveyed.

“With that percentage – 89, 90 – I think they should open it. Let it go,” said a man, who did not want to give his name.

“I think we have to be aware … that we need 90 percent of all groups, including Pasifika and Māori. I think that’s really important. If we don’t get to 90 with those groups, I wouldn’t want the government to open up. too much until we make it, “David said.

“I don’t think the recent easing of restrictions has been so smart,” Ross said.

“Itchy feet season is approaching, entering the summer,” Emma said.

Auckland still has 20,000 people under 90 percent coverage from the first dose. Seventy-one percent of people have received a second dose.

The rest of the country is five percentage points behind each.

Restaurateur Mike Egan said that essentially hitting the 90 percent mark should bring some payoff.

“They gave us a goal, and they all got down to work. Our country has been good enough to come together, and now we want to reap the benefit.”

Even if a vaccination goal was reached, people are only considered fully immunized two weeks after a second dose.

If all the people who received their first dose on Saturday received the second as soon as they were allowed (with a minimum interval of three weeks), the government would not consider them fully protected for five weeks from now.

The 130,000 vaccinations administered on Saturday came as a huge relief to hotel worker Vajna, who has been completely out of work (at level 4) or interrupted (at level 3) since August.

It means she and her colleagues are one step closer to normal, she said.

“What good news. It means that we will finally open, hopefully in the next two weeks, or maybe even next week. If we keep doing that … [vaccinate] Those 20,000 more people, it would be amazing for the hospitality industry if we all finally started making money. “

-POOL- Photo by Mark Mitchell: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern arriving during the post-Cabinet press conference with the Director General of Health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, in Parliament, Wellington.  October 4, 2021. NZ Herald photo by Mark Mitchell

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce any changes to alert levels at her post-Cabinet press conference later today.
Photo: POOL / NZME

Some people in the city supported a gradual easing of the restrictions.

A vaccine test for some things, they said, would limit the spread of the virus and incentivize the absorption of the vaccine.

“I would like to think that by December, if you want to leave Auckland, you can, as long as you are fully vaccinated and have to take a test,” Dan said.

“I think they should bring vaccination passports and open restaurants and shops to people who are twice vaccinated, and the sooner we do that, the better for Auckland’s economy,” David said.

“Start easing restrictions now, you have until December 1 and then it will be open,” Vicki said.

Auckland is currently in ‘step one’ of alert level 3 allowing for a few more freedoms, including outdoor meetings with another domestic bubble.

City parks were busy Saturday with people picnicking and enjoying the sun.

The cabinet decides today whether Auckland remains in the first step or down to the second, which is still at level 3.

This would allow stores to open with distancing and masks, and outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people would be allowed.

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