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Covid-19 wrap: thousands respond to government vaccination campaign

Super Saturday Vaxathon, which has seen about 130,000 people vaccinated in one day, exceeded expectations, the prime minister says.

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Photo: RNZ

The target for the day was 100,000, but this number was reached by mid-afternoon and the prime minister set a new target of 150,000.

The number of vaccines administered has seen the country’s previous daily record of 93,350 hits crushed.

The events were held across the country with live coverage on TV1, TV3, and Māori TV.

The Ministry of Health will release the final figures tomorrow.

The numbers

  • 129,965 people vaccinated at 9:45 p.m. (a provisional figure)
  • 41 new community cases, 21 unrelated to existing cases
  • 40 of the cases are in Auckland, 1 in Waikato
  • 31 people are in the hospital, six in intensive care
  • 2 cases in managed isolation

Prime Minister excited about the response

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern praised New Zealanders for participating in record numbers to protect the Whānau and their loved ones.

“Super Saturday has exceeded expectations and has ensured that as a country we are more protected from Covid-19,” Ardern said.

“The passion and energy displayed across the country reminds us of how hard everyone is working to keep us safe. Just as we stayed home last year to save lives, we are now getting vaccinated to protect a team of 5 million.”

He said Aotearoa could become one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, if the momentum is maintained.

All kinds of temptations

Some went home with tickets to Super Rugby matches, others won entry to the next Rhythm & Vines festival.

From donuts to dancing, from care packages to appliances – companies and volunteers joined forces across the motu to ensure that thousands of people who came to get vaccinated also had the opportunity to be fed and / or take home a gift, plus to entertain yourself.

People had the opportunity to get vaccinated in either a marae, a netball court or a Dreamliner, and by 3pm the government’s goal of 100,000 had been met.

Ardern announced the milestone: “Amazing news! So Aotearoa, we’ve now had 100,019 shots today, which is incredible. But let’s not stop there.

“Let’s go for 150! Let’s go big or let’s go home.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern takes a selfie with some of the organizers of 'Do it 4 the East', a youth-led vaccination event in Porirua.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at an event organized by young people in Porirua.
Photo: Marco RNZ / Kirsty

The prime minister who toured various vaccination sites in the capital jumped aboard the Delta Buster Bus that has just started vaccinating in Lower Hutt. He posed for selfies and met healthcare workers at various locations, including Sky Stadium.

Chief Health Officer Dr. Ashley Bloomfield was also among the cheerleaders, delighting Cannons Creek with an informal dance routine.

Around the nation

On AucklandMaungakiekie MP Priyanca Radhakrishnan said Super Saturday vaccination centers in her constituency were busy and people were having fun.

He said there were many activities including awards, barbecues, hot dogs, and cultural performances.

Radhakrishnan said that people also shared why it was important for them to get vaccinated.

“Many spoke to me about the need to protect their family members, some of the most vulnerable family members they have.”

People also talked about attending funerals, caring for loved ones and wanting to get back to normal, he said.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff toured the city’s vaccination sites and was impressed by the positive mood.

“It’s actually quite encouraging to see lines of people lining up to get vaccinated, also in a kind of celebratory spirit.”

He said it was particularly encouraging to see so many young people choosing to get vaccinated.

On Northern region, a vaccination site in a Te Tai Tokerau marae saved locals long trips to get vaccinated today.

The clinic in Mōkau marae near Whangaruru managed to vaccinate 30 people an hour this morning and during lunch.

Visitors were served hangi, fried bread, and donuts, given care packages with soap and masks, and packages of kai to take home.

Ngātiwai trustee Rōpata Diamond said the marae site was far more convenient than the hours spent traveling to and from the city.

The site welcomed everyone from teens to people in their 90s. Diamond said that many rangatahi came for their first drink because their “nanas told them too.”

Many schools organized events, including in Nelson at Nelson Intermediate, which has a high population of Maori and Pasifika.

The nurse manager of the public health charge, Nicola Thompson, said that the Whānau have been attending the event to support each other, and some also brought their children to be vaccinated.

Pacific people attend

At an event organized by the Tonga Health Society in Onehunga, the society’s chief executive, Glenn Doherty, said they had been administering around 100 doses per hour.

He said the event showed how Tongan people are coming together for the community.

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One of the organizers who participated in a vaccination fair run by youth from Pasifika in Porirua said community-focused outreach gets the best engagement.

The fair organized by teens and young adults in the suburb of Cannons Creek attracted hundreds of people.

The outdoor event featured live performances, food, games, and raffles alongside the vaccination tent.

Festival volunteer Louis Ariu-Woolley said making vaccines accessible and fun is the right approach for communities.

Youth-led 'Do it 4 the East'

Youth-led ‘Do it 4 the East’
Photo: Moera Tuilaepa-Taylor

Protest organizers will be prosecuted

Approximately 2,000 people today attended a protest rally against the blockade in the Auckland domain.

Auckland City District Commander Commander Superintendent Shanan Gray said in a statement that the protest violated Alert Level 3 restrictions, which limits weddings, funerals and tangihanga gatherings to no more than 10 people.

While no arrests were made by police, several organizers will be prosecuted in the coming days, he said.

Another woman who traveled to Northland tests positive

A third woman, who was with the two women who traveled to Northland, tested positive for Covid-19.

The other women also tested positive for the coronavirus, and the Health Ministry said all three are in a quarantine facility.

The Health Ministry does not believe the latest case was infectious in Northland, but has identified five of his contacts in Auckland.

Samoa extends quarantine period

The Samoan government has decided to increase the quarantine period for incoming passengers from 14 days to 21 days due to the increase in community cases of the Covid-19 Delta variant in New Zealand.

This was confirmed by the general director of the Ministry of Health, Leausa Dr Take Naseri, at a press conference, where she added that the Delta variant has an incubation period of 28 days and can broadcast on the first or last day.

Some 249 passengers who arrived on September 30 and will be released next week will be asked to isolate themselves in their homes for a further seven days.

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