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Prime Minister wants officials to consider naming the contact for the positive case

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says a Covid-19 case’s refusal to cooperate with health officials is “beyond irresponsible … dangerous.”

11102021 PHOTO: ROBERT KITCHIN / STUFF LR: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Covid Response Minister Chris Hipkins, and Chief Health Officer Dr. Ashley Bloomfield deliver cabinet decisions on Covid update at 4 pm in Parliament.

Photo: POOL / Things / Robert Kitchin

An Auckland woman carrying the Delta variant visited Kawakawa, Paihia, Kamo and Whangārei last week, and her case sent Northland back to alert level 3.

He is now in quarantine in Auckland, but refuses to reveal details of his movements or contacts to health officials.

Another woman who traveled north with her has been identified but not located.

Ardern said there is a “Covid positive person who is uncooperative and refuses to disclose his movements, and who has a traveling companion that we have identified but cannot locate.”

“This is an incredibly frustrating situation, like we have seen very few times in our Covid response before.

“And given how extraordinary it is, I have asked health officials to consider all the options available to them as they and the police work with the people involved.”

He has asked them to consider naming the second woman they are still trying to locate, if that is what it takes to find her. It is not known if he has Covid, but Chief Health Officer Dr. Ashley Bloomfield said authorities have a “reasonable level of confidence” that he is no longer moving through Northland.

While authorities have “rebuilt” what they could from CCTV footage and other police investigations into the positive case movements, that “doesn’t necessarily tell us the whole story,” Ardern said.

The police needed space to continue their own investigation; “Some of whom you can imagine would not necessarily go into great detail about some of the tools they are using, but we are engaging them due to the extraordinary nature of the situation,” Ardern said.

Ardern has a message for the woman who is still being wanted: “The easiest option for you right now is to introduce yourself, allow a test to take place so that we can make sure we are protecting those who have been around you, and that. you can include your family and friends. That is by far the easiest way from here. “

Dr. Bloomfield also called those who know who the two women are and “may have had some interaction with them,” saying it was extremely important that they get tested.

No more cases have been found, but Ardern said that due to the lack of detailed information on where the woman traveled, they were relying on “high testing rates across the region to give us the confidence we need that there are no community not detected “. transmission”.

However, he said those testing rates, along with vaccinations, needed to be increased considerably; Anyone who has been to a place of interest is asked to get tested, as is anyone in the region with symptoms of Covid.

Meanwhile, one of the places now named as a landmark, the Comfort Flames Hotel in Onerahi, has posted on social media thanking “all of our loyal and regular customers and the Onerahi community for their support, understanding and trust to through this difficult and unprecedented time for all of us. “

“We want to assure you that our number one priority during these difficult times is, and always has been, the health and safety of our guests, staff and the community.”

In the publication, the hotel said that “immediately (shortly after the search of the two women in question) our suspicions were aroused, so we contacted the police and health officials to inform them of a ‘possible’ violation of the border “, and that they continued to help. with investigations.

“I can assure you that the two women in question never entered the bar / dining room of our hotel and were well away from other guests during the short time they were with us. It has been a difficult time handling this situation and we have done our best to keep everyone safe.

“The hotel is currently closed and undergoing a deep cleaning, and any staff recommended to test and isolate are doing so. We are working closely with the Ministry of Health and the police and will continue to follow their advice and providing assistance where we can. “

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