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What you can and cannot do during Step 1 of the new restrictions

The government has provided more details on what it can and cannot do once Auckland’s level 3 restrictions are eased tonight.

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The government announced yesterday that Auckland would remain at Alert Level 3 for the foreseeable future, but announced a three-step plan to ease Alert Level 3 restrictions.

Step 1 begins at midnight tonight and allows catching up outdoors with a limit of 10 people from no more than two households, outdoor recreational activities with a maximum of 10 people and a limit of 10 people plus the staff at funerals, tangihanga, weddings and civilians. unions.

The ministry says that “you are strongly encouraged to cover your face when in meetings.”

“You are encouraged to keep covering your face when you leave home and when physical distancing is not possible.”

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A spokesman for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) said the most important thing to remember is that Auckland will remain at alert level 3.

They said people are being encouraged to use the easing of some restrictions to catch up with family and close friends, but “people must continue to act sensibly and responsibly.”

How can you exercise under the revised alert level 3?

Exercise classes can be held outdoors, with a maximum of 10 people, and that includes the instructor. Participants must be from one or two households only, and must maintain a physical distance of 2 m and remain outside at all times. That means you can’t use an indoor bathroom or changing rooms after doing an outdoor class.

What about other organized recreational activities?

The maximum number of people for organized recreation that can come together is 10 people (from two households). The meeting must be outdoors and the bubbles must maintain physical distance at all times (so contact sports are not allowed).

Can I have visitors under the new level 3?

Visitors cannot enter your home at all. But if you have visitors, they can gather in your garden or in a public outdoor space, but they can’t walk around your house to get to the backyard or use the bathroom. The important thing is that your gathering of 10 people is outdoors to reduce the transmission capacity of the virus.

Can my kids have play dates?

Children’s play dates can happen, but the intention is to allow people to reconnect with close friends and whānau. People are asked to keep their contacts to a minimum, keep track of who they see, and follow health guidelines. Again, visiting children cannot enter your home to use the bathroom or access the outdoor play area.

Can I cut my hair?

Hairdressers cannot operate at this time, even if they are outside. All companies at alert level 3 must provide contactless goods and / or services. Hairdressers and other close-contact businesses will have to wait until step 3 of the plan to get Auckland out of the lockdown before they can reopen.

Can I take a night trip?

Auckland is still at Alert Level 3, so you cannot take a vacation or stay overnight in the region. Recreational excursions are for day trips only.

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