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Covid-19: Auckland locals urge people to follow the rules: ‘Think community’

Auckland residents are heading into a critical week with health experts warning that the Covid-19 outbreak could go either way.

The usually bustling Queen Street in Auckland during the level 3 lockdown.

(File photo) Auckland’s Queen St during a Covid outbreak.
Photo: RNZ / Amy Williams

Auckland residents are urging their fellow city dwellers to follow the rules after reports of people flocking to popular beach suburbs over the weekend, with images showing some without a mask and very close.

It was the first weekend at alert level 3 after a six-week level 4 lockdown, and many Aucklandites were enjoying the warmer spring weather.

But there are concerns that people have traveled further than they should and have not followed the rules.

Sharon Maxey was sad and angry that some people seemed to have become complacent.

“It’s very difficult for me to see people converging on such numbers because we have really stooped down and tried so hard.”

Maxey owns a café, but it will only open when the city moves to level 2. Following the rules was in everyone’s interest so that Auckland can have more freedom, he said.

“Think of the community. Think not only of yourself. I understand that it is very, very difficult and mentally it is very challenging and difficult, but please think of the country in general.”

Mya Fraser lives near One Tree Hill, a popular place for walking and recreation. You have also noticed that things have changed since Auckland moved to level 3.

“We have noticed the volume of cars even on the main street. It has been crazy. It is almost double what we would normally get on a normal day. Even walking through Cornwall Park every day and we have noticed groups of up to 15 walking and se you can tell they are definitely not from the same house, “he said.

“You know, with the decisions that come up in terms of how long we’re going to stay at level 3, it makes me doubt that we’ll see a lot more freedoms coming our way if we’re not too careful, so [I’m] definitely very concerned. “

Another woman didn’t think more people were breaking the rules, but they were more visible.

“I think people who followed the rules before are probably doing it now and those who didn’t before are probably not doing it now,” he said.

“I don’t think I’m wise or very smart of the people who are doing it. I don’t think they’re thinking of other people.”

Darryl Myocevich agreed that complacency was a problem.

“It’s probably pretty easy for us to get into the same kind of state as Australia and other countries that haven’t really been observing the proper closure rules and things like ours.”

Elijah Bracken encouraged everyone to think twice before bursting their bubble.

“It’s not that difficult. Most of us can do it. It’s just that you really have to do what you have to do. We are all in the same boat.”

Aucklanders RNZ spoke out fearing the idea that the lockdowns could continue until Christmas if we cannot control the outbreak.

“I don’t think anybody wants to see us locked up and caught in our little bubbles for Christmas, so fingers crossed we all stick to the rules, and then we get out of this ASAP,” Fraser said.

There is a target to vaccinate 90 percent of Auckland residents with at least one dose by this date next week, when the government will review the level 3 lockdown restrictions.

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