Saturday, November 27

Daily Joy: A Bird, a Bicycle, and DIY Monopoly on Day 26 of the Delta Outbreak

With dozens of cases added to the outbreak and the mayor predicting a longer lockdown, it’s time for some Delta diversions.

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Photo: RNZ / Katie Todd

Forty-three cases have been added to the outbreak total in the past two days and Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is among those who predict the city’s Level 4 Alert Lockdown is likely to be extended when the cabinet meet to make a decision tomorrow.

So let’s review some of the social media views on the many side issues of the pandemic.

Country singer Tami Neilson summed up the sentiments of many Auckland parents as the region’s lockdown drags on.

Some people can’t even spread their wings to such an exciting place as an art store.

Maybe that person should grab a sheet from Katie Todd’s book putting together her own DIY Covid Monopoly game.

Another tweeter reflected on the feelings of those who were lucky enough to rejoin the real world.

It appears that animals have gone viral since the pandemic began in early 2020.

Now there is a new couple to add to the mix: Peggy, the English maid, and Molly, the magpie.

They have become unlikely best friends ever since Juliette Wells and her partner picked up a baby magpie while out walking Upper Coomera on the Gold Coast.

Read the full story here.

The friendship started slowly, but the couple’s friendship now has thousands of followers on Wells’s Instagram account.

Still With Birds: Kiwi singer-songwriter Moana Maniapoto shared this.

There has been a reaction to the accusation of the national leader Judith Collins that the prominent epidemiologist Siouxsie Wiles is a “great hypocrite” because she was photographed during the Auckland lockdown cycling to the beach without a mask and in the company of a friend.

The RNZ blog will be re-posted tomorrow with a mix of mostly serious, but also a bit lighthearted information as we navigate the 27th day of the current outbreak.

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