Saturday, November 27

Spring brings winds and changes in temperature, with snow heading south

Three episodes of bad weather are expected to bring strong winds to much of the country, with temperatures fluctuating wildly from day to day.

Wet weather in Wellington.

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Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

MetService has heavy rain warnings for Westland south of Otira, the headwaters of the Canterbury lakes and rivers around and south of Arthur’s Pass, and the headwaters of the Otago lakes and rivers for Tuesday.

About 10-15cm of snow is expected on Milford Road above 800m, with lesser amounts up to 300m. About 3-5 cm was expected at Arthur’s Pass and Crown Range Road above 800 m, and 1-2 cm at Lindis Pass near the top.

Meanwhile, there is a strong wind warning for Canterbury High Country with gales from the northwest and gusts reaching 120 km / h in exposed locations.

National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) senior forecast scientist Chris Brandolino said Morning report Strong winds could also hit spots in Southland, Fiordland and the west coast before heading to Wellington later in the week.

“I know Wellingtonns have a high standard for what is defined as ‘windy’, so for the next few days we will call it a strong breeze by Wellington standards … Thursday night through Friday is when the wind will be especially strong, there will be winds from the northwest … gusts of more than 100 km / h, in some cases close to 120 km / h, and that would be enough to cause some damage. “

“Then we’ll take a break and then see more active weather as we wrap up the weekend and start a new week.”

A separate system would also mean strong winds, albeit not as strong, for Auckland tomorrow.

“For Auckland, Wednesday is the day where there could be some really strong winds … gusts off the west coast of the Auckland region on Wednesday approaching 100 clicks, and also the inland parts of the Auckland region will see winds of more than 70 km / h, “he said.

However, the most unusual thing would be the temperature changes.

“What you see one day, you probably won’t get the next day,” he said. “Today in … East Canterbury, upper teens and 20s, and tomorrow you’ll have a hard time getting to 12 degrees max.

“As we move into Thursday, we will see temperatures in the east of the South Island once again in the teens, maybe less than 20 degrees and that will work its way north, and then we will see colder temperatures replace that Friday and Saturday, then we will do it again on Sunday and Monday.

It seemed that the season was the reason for the changeable weather.

“It’s spring, man. More in spring, we have a lot of active weather, it’s not uncommon to have very changeable weather, and with change … often that’s an opportunity for basically disruptions in terms of active weather: wind and rain. “

“Mother nature loves balance, her job is to create homeostasis, balance, balance in the atmosphere. You have too much heat in one place, not enough heat in another, and as a consequence you have low pressure, you have storms.

“We’re looking at the huge height over Australia, the huge drop to the south and east … that’s driving the wind, it’s also driving the change in temperature.”

MetService cautioned that snowfall is expected to affect many roads and passes on the South Island and can cause stress to livestock, with possible surface flooding and slipping.

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