Thursday, December 9

LynnMall Terrorist Family: ‘We Are Heartbroken’

The family of the terrorist who attacked buyers in Auckland says they are heartbroken by the horrific act.

Police at LynnMall, New Lynn, Auckland - September 4, 2021

A police car on the outskirts of LynnMall, where the attack took place on Friday.
Photo: RNZ / Jean Bell

Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen, a 32-year-old refugee from Sri Lanka, was shot and killed by undercover police after stabbing six people inside Countdown in LynnMall on Friday.

A seventh person was also injured in the attack.

In a statement issued through a lawyer and attributed to Samsudeen’s brother, Aroos, the Whānau said they wanted to send love and support to the injured.

“We are so moved by what has happened and we don’t know what to do. We hope these words help bring some peace to your beautiful country. We are ready to help all of you in the healing process no matter what it takes. Us.

“We look forward to hearing from all of you what happened in the Aathil case and what all of us could have done to prevent this. We are heartbroken by this terrible event.

“My father still does not know that my brother is dead because he has been missing him a lot and is very sick these days.”

The statement said that Samsudeen, who came to New Zealand in 2011 on a student visa, suffered “political torture” and his mental health steadily declined over the years.

Samsudeen spent a lot of time on social media, he said.

“We saw his mental health get worse and worse over the last 10 years or so. He spent a lot of his time in prison and was always struggling with some court cases. When we found out he was in prison in New Zealand, we thought about him. It would be good, but he didn’t realize he would be spending so much time there. He also had a lot of trouble in jail. “

Family members in general visited New Zealand in 2013.

“We love your country and your people and we know from what we have seen since the Christchurch attack that you are good people. We want to be with you. We have lost Aathil. We don’t know what to do while our father is still very sick and knows nothing. of this situation.

“Aathil was the youngest and was very close to my father. She grew up with my parents in the family home, while the rest of us grew up mainly in shelters. Aathil was the baby of the family. My mother is very upset.”

Samsudeen’s brother said there were difficulties.

“Aathil always contradicted what he was told. He hung up on us when we told him to forget about all the problems he was obsessed with. Then he himself would call us again when he realized he was wrong. Again wrong. [on Friday]. Of course we feel very sad that he could not be saved. The prisons and the situation were hard for him and he did not have any support. He told us that he was robbed there. “

The statement said the family hopes to be safe now that the identity of the attacker has been made public.

Ultimately, he said the family was thinking about the innocent people who were injured.

“We all have to try to accept this. I pray that God will help us all heal from this sad day. We are thinking of all of you. We are thinking of our parents. We are thinking of the child who left us and the innocent people. Our lives have changed forever. We realize that it will take some time for us to accept this. We are thinking of the injured, both mentally and physically. “

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