Saturday, December 4

Daily Cheer: how children cope in the confinement

Wrestling Brothers, Pursuit Posters, and Bird Watching – Here’s some of the best uplifting social media content on how kids are kept locked up.

Daily Joy Miniature

Photo: @StevenDakin / Andy Wareford

This dad and his sons took on a creative data-gathering mission on their daily walk and then turned their information into a fancy pie chart.

The nation has now been in some form of lockdown for 16 days and at this point it would be surprising if there are children across the country who are not at least a little fed up with being stuck at home.

While walking, RNZ’s Veronica Schmidt spotted this personal search sign on a home window: Covid-19 better think twice before going through these parts because these kids are not in the mood for another length of confinement.

Many young children will be energetically repressed locked up with no partners to play with other than their siblings (if you can put them in the same group).

This poem written by 11-year-old Charlie Park describes the intricate hobby he has been working on in the running of the bulls, honing his wrestling skills with his brother.

Child Lock Poem

Photo: Supplied / Lesley Park

Although they may not be * quite * a boy in stature or age, this son couldn’t miss a chance to dress up when he took his mother to vaccinate her.

It is easy to think that children are something of a stranger to what happens in the endless world of Covid updates.

However, journalist Mihingarangi Forbes notes that alert level predictions have even infiltrated schoolchildren’s math classes.

As days turn into weeks, there’s no question that parents across the country dream of a reality where their children have the same amount of energy as this baby seal.

For parents with birthdays locked in for their kids, maybe a Covid-themed cake like this is just what you need to make your little one’s special day that little bit more memorable.

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