Sunday, November 28

Daily Cheer: social media content from day 9 of the blackout

From Covid-19 mixes to kiwi classics, international dog day celebration, and wellness tips, here are some of the best uplifting and fun content on social media since lockdown day 9.

Daily Joy Miniature

Photo: Gill Bonnett, @nzballet

As the country approaches the second week of lockdown, we begin here with some practical wellness tips from clinical psychologist and author, Dr. Sarb Johal.

Some people become a little more creative than usual during the confinement, either out of boredom or the excitement of the amount of free time they have.

Comedian Tony Lyall is using Covid-19 to fuel his creative endeavors, bringing us an interesting remix of a classic Kiwi tune.

Wellington City Council is celebrating International Dog Day by sharing some adorable photos of the dogs that accompany their staff as they work from home.

Meanwhile, the Morning Report has given the RNZ dogs their time in the spotlight and it’s fair to say that they seem to be enjoying the attention.

In a galaxy far outside the capital city, Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry has given his stamp of approval to the rebranding of this Star Wars-themed test center.

Without the opportunity to perform or practice together during the confinement, the members of the Royal New Zealand Ballet are making up for their inactivity by taking Chris Hipkin’s advice to the absolute extreme.

Finally, here is a clip of a speech Director General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield delivered earlier this month (before the current outbreak) that acts as a reminder of what we can do as a nation when we stand together for hard times.

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