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Covid-19: 24/7 Contact Trackers As Locations Of Interest Increase

The tentacles of the latest Covid-19 outbreak continue to spread through Auckland and beyond with over 13,000 contacts and over 300 locations of interest identified.

Locations of Interest Announced Sunday

Some of the locations of interest that were announced on Sunday.
Photo: google maps

35 new cases were announced today, all but two in Auckland, bringing the total to 107.

Contact trackers are working around the clock as they try to locate people who potentially came into contact with the virus at race events, in supermarkets, in fast food outlets and on public transportation.

An Auckland track and field event at Cornwall Park was one of the latest locations to be added to the Ministry of Health’s hot air balloon list.

The club’s Dianne Craddock said about 200 children and 40 adults attended the event on Saturday, August 14, but she wasn’t too concerned.

“I think most people were behaving sensibly anyway and we encouraged the use of [Covid Tracer] app, so hopefully several of them did that, but we definitely have lists across the clubs of all the attendees that were there, so they can be easily contacted, “he said.

Craddock said the club was notified this morning that the event was a landmark and that he wanted everyone to do the right thing and get tested.

“We are just reaching out to people when we can and encouraging everyone to follow protocol.”

The Auckland Performing Arts Center in Western Springs, popularly known as TAPAC, was another new location of interest. Its CEO, Sarah Somerville, said only five people attended the affected dance class on Friday, August 13.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Chief Health Officer Dr. Ashley Bloomfield hold a press conference on the Covid 19 and post-Cabinet update at the Beehive Theatrette.

Jacinda Ardern holds up a map showing contacts across the country.
Photo: Things / Robert Kitchin

“We are identifying close contacts as quickly as possible and notifying them as quickly as possible, and if any of the casual contacts show symptoms, we will encourage them to also go and get tested.”

Somerville said the center has a robust system to handle situations like this.

“We are always concerned about the impact, not just for ourselves, but for everyone at this time. We will take all necessary precautions. We will do a deep cleaning of all of our studios, as well as our theater space, before we can consider the possibility of open again at level 2. “

An Auckland church identified as a landmark last week said close contacts of a family who tested positive for Covid-19 have so far yielded negative results.

Michael Humphries of Christ Church at Mount Roskill said it was good news, but it was not out of the woods just yet, with his tests on the 12th on the way.

“We are just waiting to see how it unfolds … we will have to keep an eye on things and see if as things progress what we can do with the people who need help.”

The Samoa Assembly of God Church in Māngere was also in the spotlight. Anyone who was there on Sunday, August 15, is told to isolate themselves and get tested.

Church spokesman Jerome Mika said they were working with the Health Ministry and healthcare providers to make sure that happens.

South Seas Healthcare in Ōtara has established an emerging testing center and its CEO, Silao Vaisola-Sefo, said isolation will be difficult for many members of the church community. He said they were trying to meet his broader needs beyond swabbing.

“Blankets and sanitizers for food and hands, masks and also other social support services,” said Vaisola-Sefo.

The Ministry of Health is asking anyone who has been to a location of interestat specified times to call Healthline and get tested. Anyone with cold or flu symptoms should also call Healthline and get tested.

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